Dear Members and Friends of Immanuel:

Immanuel Baptist Church is re-open for Sunday Worship Services Only

At this time there will only be the morning worship services. Sunday School classes and other programs will commence in due time. Some normal safety guidelines must be followed, of course:

(1) there will be hand sanitizer available at the sanctuary entrances;
(2) temperatures will be checked at the sanctuary entrances;
(3) masks will be worn by the worshipers;
(4) pews will be marked for social distancing;
(5) social distancing will be practiced when worshipers are not seated;
(6) worshipers with compromised health will avoid attending until they feel safe;
(7) the sanctuary is sanitized each Tuesday during the weekly cleaning;
(8) each worshiper is allotted but three shouts of joy per Sunday.

How glad we are to be told, "Let us go into the house of the Lord!"

Pastor Dwight Reagan


On Sunday, October 11th, Immanuel welcomes Mike and Karen Anderson to our Worship Service.
The Andersons are gifted gospel musicians with many years of full-time evangelism ministry. We will be elated with and Blessed by
their music and testimony.


Video Worship Service will continue and be available on the YouTube Channel. We encourage fervent worship by individuals and families. We anticipate that God will continue to work miracles, save souls, and build us up in our most holy faith.

Please enjoy Immanuel Baptist Church’s October 11, 2020, recorded worship service. Simply click the following link to view:  

We are Blessed by our Wonderful Interim Preacher: Pastor Dwight Reagan as he brings us this week's message.

                           Pastor Dwight’s Message: "FROM GOOD TO GREAT"                                                                                         Scripture:  Romans 5:8

                                                                                                                  Worship Service Led by: Mike & Karen Anderson


Musical selections in this video are: Revive Us Again; Jesus on the Inside; Since Jesus Came into My Heart; Oh, Praise the Name.


We are so grateful that you have joined us and thank you for making us a part of your Sunday.